About What's Kickin

A Message from the Owner…   

What’s Kickin’ specializes in making the parents-to-be experience both amazing and most memorable.  Our focus is on YOU!  From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, we provide you with the comfort and care you truly deserve. Being a family business we completely understand the importance of family and friends. We want you to share this incredible experience with those closest to you, and our scanning studio is designed to accommodate everyone. Unlike medical facilities that rush you through the process, our studio is designed to give you the care and pampering you deserve.  We understand this is your most fragile time, which often leaves parents feeling as though they haven’t quite bonded with their unborn baby. Our goal is to further that bond, to give you the first glimpse of your cherished bundle of joy.  

While waiting for your appointment, parents-to-be, family and friends are welcome to browse our “mom and baby boutique”.  Our boutique features those hard to find items.  We have everything from GUND teddy bears, to Rock-a-by-Baby CD’s, Diaper cakes, skin care products, hand-made items and much, much more.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your unborn child wave, kick and smile at you, all recorded on a custom made DVD you can view over and over again   You will leave with a truly unique and satisfied experience; one that you will never forget!  

That is our ultimate goal.

Our Studio

Our studio is designed with comfort in mind.  There’s plenty of seating in our waiting area as well as in our ultrasound room. Planned to seat 8, our scanning room can accommodate additional guests with advance notice.  

We use a state-of-the-art GE Voluson 730 ultrasound machine to produce high resolution images to show great detail of your baby in 3D/4D.  Parents-to-be and guests will watch your baby perform for you on a 42’’ plasma screen TV while gentle music is playing throughout the room.

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